Need Help Requesting An Account?

From the Home page section, click the "Live Here? Request an account" link.

Enter your name and email address and click Request Account.

All units are preceded by corresponding letters and/or numbers associated with the respective building name. When entering your details in the Unit field of the Request Account form, please take note of the building formats below:

  • 1401 Euclid: 1401E
  • 1419 West: 1419W
  • 1820 James: 1820J
  • 525 Meridian: 525M
  • Aventura Village: AV
  • Bay Breeze: BB
  • Edgewater: E
  • Flamingo Park View: FPE
  • Forest View Estates: FVE
  • Harbor Park: HP
  • Ivory: I
  • Lincoln Place: LP
  • Orchard Gardens: OG
  • Plaza: P
  • San Lorenzo: SL
  • Superior Gardens: SG
  • Villas Godroy: VG